Review: Lucas

Lucas by Kevin Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this book on a recommendation and semi-enjoyed the ride. I’ll start by saying the cover is very misleading. The cover has a catch line about love and hate and features an angry looking kid. It’s not about that—at all.

The British male author did an excellent job avoiding Anglicisms and delivering a believable female narrative. However, I remain clueless on why he chose ‘Bill’ as a female name for the protagonist’s friend. Billie would have been better, but Bill? No way.

The story itself is a fluffy, clichéd filled journey to around page 90. Yes, you get the chiseled abbed antagonist and the sashayed movements to and fro. Then Lucas shows up and Lucas is cool. All the good guys seem cool and unique; all the baddies sound like stereotypical rich ruffians. The ride is worth taking because things do pick up around page 240 (don’t worry, it’s a quick read) and carry through until the end.

The book ended—don’t worry, no spoilers—peculiarly. There’s a life lesson here, but I wasn’t satisfied how it all unfolded. So yes, you may get something touchy and feely and even walk away with something to think about. For me, it wasn’t enough to make up for the plodding first half.

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