Review: The Secret

The Secret
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This was a rough read—mostly because of the format, not because of the content. When you strip away all the quotes, there really isn’t a lot of content left. There are several quotes per page, leaving only a few lines of text to tie the quotes together.

Amazon reviewer Longhorn24 (currently the highest voted unfavorable review for this book) really nails it on the head. He compares this book to a previously published book CALLED INFLUENCE: THE POWER OF PERSUASION.

Basically, it’s this: there’s nothing new under the sun, but we can still learn from new perspectives. Everything in THE SECRET has been said before, but it’s nice to be reminded and refreshed. However, the sludge of quote boxes kept me from diving in for that personal success refreshment. This book has benefited many others—and for them, kudos—but for me, it was too distracting.

The Biblical proverb nailed THE SECRET’s concept long, long ago: as a man thinketh…

I’ll try the author’s other books (HERO and POWER), but this secret wasn’t all that I had hoped for.

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