Review: What We’ve Lost is Nothing

What We've Lost is Nothing
What We’ve Lost is Nothing by Rachel Louise Snyder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The author of this book, Rachel Louise Snyder, is a fantastic non-fiction writer. She maintains a near-perfect five-star rating on her book about denim, she’s won awards for her journalism, and her articles in The New Yorker are nothing short of impressive. Sadly, this success didn’t carry over to her fictional story.

Oh man—this has potential, but is perhaps overreaching. As other reviewers have noted, it borders on preaching or excessive characterization. I would have loved to read Ms. Snyder’s report on an incident like this with just the facts, and not trying to create the fictional characters.

And I’ll admit, my galley review copy (thanks to Scribner for providing me an early copy) was pretty rough (capitalization and grammar issues abound). Looking at the preview on Amazon, it looks 100 times better. Having such flaws definitely tainted my impression—but still, the content wasn’t as sharp and biting as the description leads us to believe.

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