Review: Forty Acres: A Thriller

Forty Acres: A Thriller
Forty Acres: A Thriller by Dwayne Alexander Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dude buying a Seinfeld DVD gets tossed into the back of a van: so this adventure takes off. As far as thrillers go, this one had me turning the pages. That’s good. We’re witness to a big court battle and then taken to an exclusive club. It all ties together, but I can’t help leaving a bit infuriated.

From this book’s description, you can see that this is about reverse discrimination (slavery to be exact). The author did a great job of bringing forth the issues, but then got me ticked off: mostly at its implausibility. To allow fellow black men into the club, you have to use their DNA to find if they are from a certain extinct African tribe. (Not buying it.) You fly a bunch of white folks out to a remote location and use them as slaves? (That ain’t happening.) All the women are blond? (Read the next paragraph.)

On that note, the author has this novel stuffed with ingénues. I just came off reading Karin Slaughter’s COP TOWN; the transition from kickass and realistically flawed to this, where the women are naïve sex objects—it didn’t work. It was part two of infuriating. Both the high-powered lawyer’s wives and the blonde sex slaves didn’t work for me.

Despite that, though, the pages kept getting turned at a rapid rate. The author’s language wasn’t spectacular or poetic, but he kept the story moving. This book kept me engaged and interested, which is goal number one in a thriller. Kudos to the author for that.

Thanks to Atria for providing an electronic review copy of this book, FORTY ACRES. Dwayne Alexander Smith may have ruffled my gizzards, but anyone willing to suspend their belief and is okay with the male-centric writing will have a hell of a time. Either way, I’m on board for his next book, because he can obviously write a seatbelt-needed thriller.

Other folks are giving great reviews for this book. Check it out on Amazon, along with previews, both print and audible: Forty Acres: A Thriller



2 thoughts on “Review: Forty Acres: A Thriller

  1. citygirlscapes

    I keep seeing this title pop up and it struck my interest, but I think I’d have a lot of the same issues you did. Maybe I’ll look for another title to give Smith a try. Thanks for the review.
    – Ashley

    1. ryandejonghe Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, and you are welcome. Yeah, the dude has talent, but pokes at a sore subject and devalues half the human race. Not a great formula.


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