Review: Our Happy Time

Our Happy Time
Our Happy Time by Gong Ji-young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drunk dad beats kid; popular singer is not satisfied with life. Both those ring of cliché, but OUR HAPPY TIME digs deeper than those initial perceptions. Gong Ji-young, the author of this, winds her words into your soul with delicate wording and gut-wrenching messages.

OUR HAPPY TIME alternates between the perspectives of the female singer and male prisoner. The stories are deep enough to feel real—to feel deep. By page ten, you as the reader will be characterly connected, prodding to move forward in answer, in resolution.

Though the message has strong religious undertones, the wherefore does not require Biblical belief for the final payoff and hearty understanding. The emotional notes still touch and play accordingly. Contained are simple messages, not necessarily with bow-tied endings, but they leave plenty to consider post cover closing.

To read this, is to read the stories of two opposite lives connecting and realizing the importance of it all. Life, truly, is a constellation of vital phenomena (thank you Anthony Marra for that titled book and definition).

And, thank you Marble Arch and Atria for finding my corner of the internet and sending this book to me for review. It wasn’t solicited, but it was timely and appreciated.

Thanks to my reviewer buddy Allen Smalling ( for pointing out that this is a finely translated work from an acclaimed Korean author. She has sold millions of books, won numerous awards, and this is her first English translated book. I’m looking forward to reading more. Great job to the author and translator.

You can find this book’s previews and other reviews on Amazon: Our Happy Time



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