Review: The Stone Boy

The Stone Boy
The Stone Boy by Sophie Loubière

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You may wonder, how interesting is a story about an old lady that thinks she sees a small boy outside her window? Let me put it this way: my jaw is still on the floor. Even after finishing THE STONE BOY, I have no idea how Sophie Loubière pulled it off—every page was interesting; every page held my attention.

Loubière’s main character Elsa Préau held a certain “je ne sais quoi”. In other words, “She had a talent as a storyteller that gave credibility and gravitas to her tales.” In those descriptions from the book, you sense…no…you feel a certain way toward the character. And that’s the magic of it all: you become emotionally invested in the story through the power of the author’s words.

It goes beyond that. It’s not just the masterful display of words on the page, but that mystery, suspense, and intrigue are added to take it to another level. No, it’s not just beautiful words, but the slight insinuation that leads to sudden surprise that makes the entire package exhilarating. The author Loubière leads us along with narrative, thoughts, journal entries, and letters until we’ve reached the breath-taking conclusion. And yes, my breath was taken away (pages 148 and 190-191, to be exact) by things I had not fully expected.

Cheers to Nora Mahony for taking this award-winning novel and bringing it into the English language. I am glad to be sharing this experience with our friends across the seas. The power and flow moved naturally, without any hesitation on misunderstandings. The writing felt enriched and authentic.

There is not much to add besides this: if you want an interesting and emotional story that entertains and informs, then this is it. What you’ll read will hover in your mind long after the final page is closed.

Thank you Grand Central Publishing for reaching out to me and sending this book over for review. Magnifique!

Be sure to view the book’s preview and other reviews on Amazon: The Stone Boy

Or, rock the independent thing via Powell’s:

The Stone Boy
by Sophie Loubiere



3 thoughts on “Review: The Stone Boy

      1. cleopatralovesbooks

        It’s already added to my wishlist on Amazon as I love psychological fiction. I can’t buy it just yet as I have a huge backlog of books but thanks for drawing my attention to this one.

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