Review: The Wraith

The Wraith
The Wraith by Joe Hill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confession time: I’m a sicko. I must be. Why? Because I really, really liked Joe Hill’s THE WRAITH. Okay, so maybe Joe is the real sicko for creating things I can’t even mention in this review (hint: kids and bad, bad people). But the retribution…oh, the bloody retribution.

I know, Joe Hill hails from the household of King, but make no mistake, Hill stands on his own—and then some. THE WRAITH’S description said fans of NOS4A2 will love this book, as well as folks that didn’t read it. That’s me. (Can you believe I had no idea NOS4A2 was a license plate meaning Nosferatu? Took a co-worker to point it out.) But after reading WRAITH, guess what I’ll be reading soon?

Let’s put Hill on pause a second and talk about Charles Paul Wilson III—holy crap. He’s Creative Sicko #2. Drawing children with elongated, blood-soaked teeth, whilst smiling? Giant death-hungry teddy bears marching across fields of children’s dreams? Open-mouthed Santa puking out a bloody slide underneath a wicked, winking moon? Whew! Masterful sicko art like none other.

Now back to Joe. I don’t know what more I can say without spoiling the experience for you. His story blends a heart-felt and fear-soaked journey of not only the driver of the wraith, but also of the families and villains involved. The side stories work seamlessly into a chilling finale that dazzles the mind and drips with horror. Lines are surely crossed, but that’s why we came here with open arms.

I want to give a shout-out to IDW Publishing. One, for sending me this book to review (thank you), but more so for doing a bang-up job of putting this together. Keep it on your shelf or coffee table (don’t be ashamed to join the sicko, art appreciation army). This book is tight, full of color, and smells so good. The bonus art stuff at the end is full of delicious win.

You can find this book on Amazon: The Wraith

Or, over at the independent book store Powell’s:

The Wraith
by Joe Hill



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