Review: Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter
Dear Daughter by Elizabeth Little
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Folks reading my reviews will know I’m not a fan of book blurbs: they usually lead astray and set false expectations. In this case, it’s spot-on. Tana French said of DEAR DAUGHTER, “”This is an all-nighter . . . The best debut mystery I’ve read in a long time.” I would have to agree about it being an all-nighter. I started reading this on break, and had to finish it before night’s end. It is catchy, fun, and highly entertaining.

I liken this book to Part II of GONE GIRL, where the “cool girl” is talking. Here, we witness a pop culture, media child fresh from a case involving her murdered mother. She’s on the run from TMZ and other celebrity bloggers and news media. There’s constantly the question of “did she?” or “didn’t she?” Right up to the end, you just don’t know what to fully expect. Thankfully, although I wasn’t fully satisfied with it, it did have a resolved ending compared to GONE GIRL.

The style is a combination of first person narrative and media clippings, including letters, texts, and web pages. I really enjoyed the blend; it added a certain mystery and realness to it all. Much of the book uses real names of celebrities and news outlets, giving it even more of an authentic feel. You can totally picture our post-teen celeb darlings getting involving in such misfitted adventure.

Overall, this was a fun read that seemed totally plausible. Lots of elements pulled together to give an authentic feel to an adrenaline-fueled mystery. I’m giving a thumbs-up for Elizabeth Little’s debut.

Thanks to the folks at Viking and Penguin Group for providing this book electronically for my review.

You can find this book and its other reviews on Amazon: Dear Daughter: A Novel

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Dear Daughter
by Elizabeth Little



2 thoughts on “Review: Dear Daughter

    1. ryandejonghe Post author

      Yeah, thank you. I didn’t expect much, especially being a new author, but I was impressed. She’s got a good handle on the current pop culture’s pulse and made something interesting out of it.


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