Review: Inamorata

Inamorata by Megan Chance
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is just as gorgeous as its cover. It reminds me of the recent book THE QUICK, taking me into beautiful European history whilst dipping me into the supernatural. More books need to be like this. Author Megan Chance blends it well together, offering magnificent results.

First, let’s talk characters. I absolutely love that Megan presents the story from different character perspectives, especially allowing us to see into the perspective of the succubus herself. Her descriptions are marvelous: you can see why all the characters are drawn to Odilé. If you’re like me, you’ll be drawn to her as well. The story of the brother and sister was a perfect tool in developing this story. Plenty of love, intrigue, and mystery to keep it going with vivid detail.

Second, let’s talk setting: 19th Century Venice. Need I say more? While some of it may have been over romanticized (such as the canals smelling attractively fragrant), I can overlook that and allow myself to be submersed into the storyline. It was a lovely blend. I enjoy it when an author recognizes the character detail of location. It really embellishes the story, making it more believable.

Finally, the supernatural. The choice of succubus over vampire worked great. By the description and the OMG-prologue, I thought there’d be more neck biting, but this worked so much better. I want to see more stories like this. Sexy and appealing.

Well done Megan Chance. This was my first book of hers and it won’t be my last. Thank you to the folks at Lake Union Publishing for providing this to me electronically for review.

You can find this book, its preview, and other reviews on Amazon: Inamorata

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by Megan Chance

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