Review: One Kick by Chelsea Cain

One Kick
One Kick by Chelsea Cain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You’re going to love ONE KICK: lots of action, lots of heart, and full of turn-paging readability. Sara Colleton, executive producer of DEXTER, is already lining up ONE KICK as a show. So, yeah, expect Kick Lannigan to be kicking a** on a TV set near you, but meanwhile start digging into this new book series now.

Kick (also known as Kit, or as Beth, which was her name while abducted) has some baggage. It’s what makes her as a character and it’s precisely why we read: we want that diamond-like imperfection. This past history is what makes this action story so nuanced. Author Chelsea Cain dips back into Kick’s history throughout the story, causing tension, anxiety, and pain. As the scenes flip through, you feel where Kick draws her power.

Speaking of power, Kick has reason to be pissed off. As you can imagine, not everything was hunky-dory during Kick’s abduction. She received some training while captive, but received other training under the post-rescued watch of the FBI, as well as on her own. In other words, Kick is a powder keg of violence. This is brought about when certain events trigger her into action. And boy, is there action!

The pages will flip mercilessly through your fingers. Occasionally your brain will kick up and say things like, “hey, wouldn’t the brother hear them fighting upstairs?” or, “surely he’d hear a helicopter landing on the roof”, but let those little thoughts go. Most of this is tightly packed, balls-to-the-walls (sometimes literally) action: you’re along for the ride.

The editor said this is mainly PG-13 level writing, with a little bit of pop to make things interesting. For the most part, I agree. There’s nudity, but no sex. There’s cursing, but I don’t recall seeing the f-bomb being dropped.

Bottom line: awesomely entertaining book with lots of room for continuation. There are a few logic hiccups, but the dips, turns, and surprises make up for it tenfold. I’m looking forward to more!

Thanks Simon and Schuster for providing this book to me electronically for review. I had a blast (and lost a lot of sleep—it was pretty darn exciting).

You can find this book’s preview and other reviews on Amazon: One Kick: A Novel (A Kick Lannigan Novel)



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