Review: Me, Inc.

Me, Inc.
Me, Inc. by Gene Simmons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the most shocking things about the new Gene Simmons book: it is actually good. At first glance, the faux leather cover and ribbon book marker make Simmons’s ME, INC. appear as expected: contrived. Quite the contrary.

Die-hard KISS fans may not find much new here, besides some added inspiration. For the uninitiated, as I was, this book provides a keen insight on what made (and makes) Gene Simmons successful. As he describes it, his own due diligence and self-educating created his empire and the throne he sits upon. For someone chasing the proverbial American dream, Simmons provides quite the example.

This is a tamer, more heartfelt Simmons. And yes, I just used the word “heartfelt” in the same sentence as Simmons. Probably the most rowdy statement in this book is Simmons’s proclamation that everyone should learn English and speak it without an accent—as he did. Otherwise, Simmons exposes his many failures, the risks he took, and the successes he achieved, all in inspiring detail. Think of him as the Zig Ziglar of Rock and Roll.

Simmons’s voice is authentic throughout. As far as I can tell in the writing, and from what is written in the acknowledgements, I don’t think Simmons used a ghost writer. From what he speaks of his own hard work, it is not surprising that he would labor over a keyboard to produce this.
Every chapter ends with a not-necessarily-related quick blurb about success, such as knowing how money is exchanged and putting your all into something. They are nice to read, but the real meat and interest lies within the chapter.

In all, this is a better book than expected and quite motivating. The stories were fascinating to read and the advice seems sturdy. Thanks, Dey Street, for sending it to me for review.

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