Review: The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
The Wheel of Healing: An Easy Guide to an Ayurvedic Lifestyle by Michelle S. Fondin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the best book I’ve found that introduces the Eastern whole-healing philosophy without being too “out there”. The author doesn’t require the chanting of foreign mantras while requiring a strict vegan diet. She keeps it real.

I appreciate Michelle Fondin’s approach to the ayurvedic lifestyle: health is beyond a set of symptoms—it is a life balance. She presents the entire wheel of health: physical, spiritual, emotional, relationship, occupational, financial, and environmental. And like the multi-spoke wheel, so each of these life-spokes build around the middle: you. THE WHEEL OF HEALING opens with a related quote I love:

“Thirty spokes are joined together in a wheel, but it is the center hole that allows the wheel to function.” – Tao Te Ching

Fondin begins her book talking about the ayurvedic lifestyle and finding your dharma, or purpose (she does well to define terminology, but also includes an index of sanskirt terms). There is a brief, two-page-ish section that tries to help you find your life’s dashas. Think of it as a personality test, of sorts. Yet, this is an overview, not the definitive resource. This book deals much more in the context of the earlier mentioned “spokes” of life and seeks not to intimidate.

While Fondin has trained with and presented for the likes of Chopra, her style does not come across nearly as demanding. Chopra says no meat; Fondin suggests a certain percentage. Chopra says no microwave; Fondin suggests eating cooked food within 24 hours. This is based upon you and what you are comfortable with changing. As the title suggests, this is “an easy guide” to a more well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. We read about non-forceful pathways to overall improvement.

This book is easy to read through and implement. There are plenty of sections with spaces to write notes that help make this a personal journey. The author realizes that “social conditioning is not easy to overcome” and allows room for the growing process. The pictures of various sun salutations at the end of the book were a nice touch, too.

This is a great book that I highly recommend to anyone seeking more than a symptom check. For this, I thank the author for sending me the book to review. I want to mention one more quote featured in the book:

“Even if a physician has profound book knowledge, without entering into the patient’s heart with the flame of love and the light of knowledge, one cannot properly treat disease.” – Charaka Samhita V: 4/12

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