Review: The Killer Next Door: A playground of ideas that falls short of expectations

The Killer Next Door: A Novel
The Killer Next Door: A Novel by Alex Marwood
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In the hands of a masterful writer, this would have been a great book. Creepy elements, close-quartered living, varied pasts of each character: the author’s playground. And yet, it falls short.

Instead, what you’ll read feels like a youthful writer trying to copy her mentors: quick, loose writing with a splattering of obvious thesaurus look-ups. There’s no flow, no rhythm. Sentences jump from cliché to cliché. Paragraphs confuse narratives within themselves. I’ve seen authors move from third to first-person perspectives with alternating chapters, but never within the same paragraph. It’s jarring.

The dialogue is unbelievable; the description is full of British colloquialisms that will trip Western readers. The meanings prevent attachment to readers. The setting is inconsistent: dark and gritty throughout, but when the author thinks she’s found a clever metaphor, you may find something referencing beauty and color. The contradiction isn’t intentional.

All is not lost, though. KILLER NEXT DOOR will fill the salacious desires for readers of the genre. There’s gore aplenty and crimes abound. For the niche that can stick to it, they’ll walk away satisfied. For the rest of us that prefer more intrigue or crafty point-to-point writing, there are other books for us to choose.

There are also several people that really dig this novel. You can find those other reviews on Amazon: The Killer Next Door: A Novel


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