Review: The Room – It ain’t John Malkovich

The Room
The Room by Jonas Karlsson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was expecting a Being John Malkovich level of quirky book, but instead found a character I didn’t like. Some may even refer to him as a donkey-hole (keeping it semi-clean here). I saw characters that reminded me of fellow office workers, past and present, becoming reasonably frustrated with someone that deserved their frustration. I wanted this “room” to be more fanciful. Instead, I got someone with OCD.

Barely crossing 100 pages, I was expecting more deft than daft. I would have settled for more of the latter. Similar characters have become endearing to us: from the Rosie Project to television’s Big Bang Theory. We love the idiosyncrasies, the broken molds of overused imagined eye-candy. But we don’t need jerks.

The writing style was well enough, but the overabundance of “I” statements was the sodium chloride poured upon my nerve-exposed wound. There’s a difference in something fanciful like, “I rode a unicorn”, versus “I think people are stupid.” If it’s supposed to be a dark novel, then yeah, stupid people everywhere. But this is supposed to be quirky. More unicorns, please.

Overall, I did like the premise, despite the deceit. Any book that reminds me of my coworkers, especially in a not-always-favorable light, is a fun read. I mean, that’s why we watch shows like The Office, right? We can relate, but laugh, at things just outside of the boundaries.

You can see this book’s preview and other reviews, here: The Room: A Novel

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