Review: Heist: The True Story Of The World’s Biggest Cash Robbery

Heist: The True Story Of The World's Biggest Cash Robbery
Heist: The True Story Of The World’s Biggest Cash Robbery by Howard Sounes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I came into this expecting Ocean’s Eleven. To my dismay, there’s no George Clooney or Brad Bitt. This is a very—very!—British book, and yet I wouldn’t even call it Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels good. I mean, come on! There’s over £53,000 on the table and we’re talking about the person’s adolescence?

I’m going to save you some time: look up the Securitas depot robbery on Wikipedia. Of course you’re not going to get all the details there, but it’ll give you the gist. In HEIST you’ll find some badass thugs doing what badass thugs do: kidnap people, tell lies to family, bind hostages, and make out with the loot. Make one of these thugs an MMA cage fighter and, yeah, this should be a killer story. But it’s not.

You blokes across the pond from my humble New England residence may appreciate this more than I. As another reviewer alluded to, the author puts a lot of “wallie” into this. Whatever that means. By golly, I listened to this book via Audible and the author sounds like he’s having a dog’s bollocks of time. Who knows, you might have a jolly or bloody good time. I don’t know the difference.

The point is, the author circles through periods of time leading up to the robbery. He starts at Adam and Eve and goes from there. Well, not quite…maybe Moses on up. Seriously though, there’s a lot of backstory that I feel distracts from the main event. Though some of it is interesting, such MMA fighting and police trouble, it doesn’t jump into the meat and potatoes—I mean, fish and chips—of it all.

Thanks to Audible Studios for providing me with a copy of this book to listen to and review. Here is a sound file for your sampling, courtesy of Audible:


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