August Summary, Jungle Book Review, and No More Amazon Affiliate–whew!

August has been quite the month! After taking off an extended amount of time from reviewing, I’ve picked up some steam:


September looks like it’ll be another great month with lots of upcoming books and some already published books in the reviewing pipeline. Standby for DID YOU EVER HAVE A FAMILY, UNDERMAJORDOMO, AFTER THE PARADE, and Atwood’s THE HEART GOES LAST.

But for now…back to the regularly scheduled program!!

Rudyard Kipling
The Mowgli Stories
Audible Production

Today I’m featuring the newly produced audio version of Rudyard Kipling’s THE JUNGLE BOOK. This is not the full book (you can download and read the full book for free via Project Gutenberg) . Instead, Audible Studios has created a play-like version of the original book, specifically with a focus on the man cub Mowgli and his adventures in the jungle.

Audible has gone above and beyond featuring several actors, such as Bill Bailey, to voice the different characters. They also include sound effects and music to make this a full production! The book is 12 chapters and lasts about 2.5 hours, but covers the feeling of Kipling’s classic quite well. This is NOT like the Disney movie–this feels like the Kipling’s jungle.

If you’ve never read THE JUNGLE BOOK, this is a great introduction. It is abbreviated, but fantastic! This reminds me of some of the great radio plays I’ve listened to–totally captivating.

NOTE: this book has meant a great deal to many people, including the inspiration for Neil Gaiman’s THE GRAVEYARD BOOK.

And now for an announcement…

I should have picked up on this from the movie YOU’VE GOT MAIL: I need to support my local bookstores. Because of my voracious appetite for books I became an Amazon Associate (I’m currently still a Top 500 Reviewer). I thought by putting some links in my reviews that I could support my obsessive reading habit. And it has.

However, after reading A WINDOW OPENS (link above) I realized the importance of supporting my local stores. Aside from a financial responsibility, it lets me see books I may have missed online and lets me network with other book lovers.

I’d be lying if I said I am never going to shop on Amazon again. That said, starting today, I am no longer going to put the Amazon links on my reviews. If you like the books I feature, I encourage you to stop by your local store. Maybe you’ll find even more books that you’ll love–and then share those book ideas with me!

Until next time…happy reading!!


One thought on “August Summary, Jungle Book Review, and No More Amazon Affiliate–whew!

  1. comfyreading

    Looks like you were a busy man. I really want to read Did You Ever Have a Family, it’s on my TBR list but…it might be a while until I get to that one. I am all about starting to read Tara French novels, how was it?

    The reason I like Amazon for books is that sadly my town does not have a book’s devastating, but I agree local bookstores are so much more important than Amazon or other big retailers, good for you for supporting them!


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