Book Review: F*CK FEELINGS

WARNING: Naughty language.


Despite the cheerfully bright yellow cover and salaciously curt, morally outskirting title, F*CK FEELINGS is a landmark of psychological help. With tongue-in-(hopefully)-cheek mocking of every Dr. Firstname (Phil, Deepak, Oprah) book out there, Dr. Bennett and his comedic daughter seek to dispense actually useful advice with wit and practicality. To the point: this stuff works.

Whether feel like an ass, are trying to get a piece of ass, or if you’re tired of living with an ass, the doctor and daughter prescribe an overdose of “f*ck off” to the feelings and cuts to the chase: you can’t change shit. Live with it. Deal with it. Because we’re on the “s” word: one of their favorite idioms is to say not to trust your gut—it’s full of shit. Instead, work it out in your mind, control what you can, make the best of it. In this book, the Bennets give the script, provide examples, and bullet point it, too. (Wow, I’m really going to have to edit this review heavily before posting on retail outlets.)

“In our world, feelings don’t rule, many things can’t be changed, and acceptance of limits, not limitless self-improvement, is the key to moving forward and dealing effectively with any and all crap that life can throw your way.” The two-Harvard-degree Bennet knows his stuff. He’s ivy league2 educated with three decades of practice. He’s got a sick sense of humor (wouldn’t you?) that his daughter helps convey in print to a wisecracking T.

Make no mistake—this is not satire or a side-splitting laugh at toothless Uncle Joe. This is a practical guide, with large portions of humor-infused advice that helps you survive an eight-hour Thanksgiving engagement with that same toothless Uncle Joe and his insufferable turkey-induced flatulence. This book also serves as help to kick your kissing-cousin Jack Daniels to the curb (most of the time) and survive most of the goals that motherly Jenny Craig sets in unreasonable expectation. It’ an f-you to self-help books and an indispensable survival guide to be the best person that we can be. Old Army cliché mottos, aside.

Here’s the gist: “What you can’t really control but feel you should:” (straight from the book)

  • Income
  • Relationship status
  • How others feel about you
  • Your offspring
  • Ability to refuse the gravitational pull of a “party-sized” bag

“So while other self-help books guarantee the path to happiness, F*CK FEELINGS guarantees that said path is nonexistent.” “Instead, assume you’re stuck with shit and ask yourself what a good person should do in your situation.” “A good person is not someone who is trying to be happy, because that’s not possible, but someone who is trying to do right.” There, a whole paragraph of selected quotes. You get the idea.


Using examples and quotes from Trump to RuPaul (never seen them compared before, have you?) this book will help you raise kids, ward off drugs, stop picking scabs, and tolerate kisses on the (hopefully) cheek from Aunt Mildred. This stuff works because it’s practical and achievable. For once, stop sharing that smiling preacher’s quotes on Facebook and give this book a try. F*ck those feelings!

Note: in case you haven’t picked up on this—the book is FULL of naughty, potty talk. The grandest curse word of all, the mighty f-bomb, literally appears on every page (as a heading, with no asterisk). Be forewarned. Be entertained. Be the better person because of it.

Oh, and thank you to Simon and Schuster for not telling me to f-off and for sending me this book to review. You’re the best!

And…here’s the short video on YouTube featuring the authors talking about this book:


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