Reading. It’s awesome.

I didn’t always read, but that changed in June of 2013. I dropped the unnecessary stuff and picked up the awesome stuff–like reading! I started posting my reviews on Amazon and within a few months rose to the top 0.1% of reviewers. My reviews then went to Goodreads, and now my blog (https://ryandejonghe.wordpress.com) and Twitter (@Ryan_Reads).

Β If you are reading this, why not leave a comment or send me a note? I love talking to other folks about books and my reviews.

Publishers and authors, feelΒ free to drop me a note if you want me to review your book. I usually stick to mainstream publishing, but I’ll consider anything. If I review your book, I’ll give you a fair and thorough review and let you know when the review goes live. You can reach me at dejonghes@gmail.com.

Update: You may see some links to Powell’s and Amazon on some of my older reviews. I thought this would be a great way to support my voracious reading appetite, but after more consideration, I am no longer using those links. I want to encourage buying local–visit your independent book stores. There’s much to love right around the corner.

Happy Reading!


22 thoughts on “ABOUT ME & CONTACT INFO

  1. bookheathen

    I am discovering (slowly) how many book reviewers there are on WordPress! What is so absolutely fascinating is the variety of choice of reading material.

  2. S.M. Stevens

    Hey there. Just discovered your blog. (Thanks for liking my new post.) I love your first line: “Reading. It’s awesome.” Couldn’t agree more. And there can never be too many blogs about books, because there can never be too many books. So more power to you! πŸ™‚

    1. ryandejonghe Post author

      I totally agree: my addiction is reading and reading these book blogs. I get some great ideas from the blogs about what is out there: much more variety than the “recommended for you” sections of other book sites.

    1. ryandejonghe Post author

      Thank you! And you’re right –I draw nostalgic thinking about Powell’s and the Pacific Northwest. Closest I have now is The Strand, which is nice, but different.

  3. LizScanlon

    Love your reviews and you seem to read the most intriguing books… I have added quite a few to my TBR list on Goodreads based on your reviews!
    I hope my favorite main character Frank Friendship stumbles your way in the future, it would be interesting to see what you think of him πŸ™‚

    Happy reading! πŸ™‚

    1. ryandejonghe Post author

      Frank Friendship? Tell me more. And thank you for your support. Are we friends on goodreads? (I’m a serious slacker over there, even though I am a librarian on that site.)

      1. LizScanlon

        OK, so we’ve got all the social media covered! Great- now, I won’t ever miss any of your reviews ever again! Fantastic!

        Frank Friendship… yes… he is an MC from The Frank Friendship series… brain damaged man with a condition called synesthesia. He gets into the most wicked situations and the author is Scottish, RG Manse. Scottish humor is surely, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was as excited as an American cheerleader when I was reading that series πŸ˜€

      2. LizScanlon

        I would also like to mention that Frank is one of the smartest guys and the fact he is brain damaged (without no fault of his own) is by no means portrayed in a negative way. It’s quite positive and everyone who has read the books, loves Frank. πŸ™‚

      3. ryandejonghe Post author

        Thanks. I checked out the previews on Amazon and they seem pretty fast paced and catchy. I’ll have to give them a try sometime…”when?” is the question. Thank you!

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